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Our company is member of international EDS network which deals with manufacture and repair of cardan shafts in 52 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia!
CardanService LLC is the official distributor in Moldova of the biggest producer of cardan shafts, WELTE-WENU GmbH company, Germany
Moreover, we offer you various solutions for replacing the cardan crosses. The most successful method being - the conveying, which allows the consistency of the metal, the flanges and the forks to be preserved, which is excluded in the case of the welding method of the fastening lids.
  • Assortment - Assortment – due to coordinated work of the team of experts, our assortment is able to satisfy a wide array of questions. Product line comprises all types of component parts for the repair of cardan shafts of different systems and characteristics used in trucks and motor cars, off-roaders, specialty vehicles.
  • Experience - we are specialised in provision of the services of repair, production, delivery of cardan shafts and repair pieces for them. The knowledge and experience accumulated by us in this field allow solving the problems of clients in a timely manner at a reasonable price and with high quality.
  • Innovation - Cardan-Service provides its clients the solutions for mounting in different options. The most successful method of the replacement of cross-pieces for cardan shafts is centre-punching which allows us to withhold the metal of flanges and yokes, which is excluded by the method of welding fastening caps.

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Chisinau - 2002
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